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Meet Dr. Chae

Certified Educator & Strategy Expert

Dr. Chae has taught a variety of content areas and in multiple classroom settings, coordinated tutoring programs, developed curricula across the world, supported teachers as an instructional coach, published educational research, and served in several other leadership capacities. In addition to being named New Teacher of the Year in 2009, the National Council for Teachers of English awarded her with one of its Early Career Educator awards, and she received the Principal’s Award on her campus in 2010. Chawanna was a class of 2018 New Leaders Council San Antonio fellow and 2019 Leadership SAISD cohort member.

In her other professional capacity, Dr. Chae provides guidance and coaching services to individuals seeking to maximize their time and create and reach fulfilling life goals. Whether it’s a parent researching education options, an aspiring entrepreneur trying to make sense of resources, or a mid-career professional seeking new opportunities, Dr. Chae has helped countless people manage the anxiety of the unknown. Her talent for inspiring and encouraging others, as well as helping them identify the next steps and create actionable plans contributes to her consulting successes.

"I've dedicated my professional career to empowering people to be advocates of their own education and lives."

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