Homeschooling Curricula

Alpha Omega Publications provides a fully online Christian-based curriculum for grades K-12. Parents have the option to choose between several curriculum programs. Find the one that’s best for your child.

A Beka Book provides homeschool curriculum for parents who are seeking a Christian perspective. The program has existed for many years, and there is also an academy available for enrollment.

ABCMouse is a full online curriculum for early childhood to kindergarten. Children use technology as a tool to build their foundational skills before moving on to elementary school.

Calvert Education is a full online PreK-12 curriculum with an optional private academy. Parents have the option to use the curriculum and coach their children, enroll in the online academy, complete individual courses, or use the intervention program for additional assistance.

Connections Academy is an accredited virtual K-12 public (or private) school that provides students with individual attention through certified teachers. It offers honors, AP, and NCAA eligible courses for students.

EdOptions Academy is the virtual 6-12 school supported by Edmentum. The fully accredited program provides students with personalized instruction to include foreign languages, other electives, and AP coursework.

K12 is an accredited virtual public (or private) school that services K-12 students. Students complete modules online and also have workbooks and resources not online. In addition to collaborating with classmates, students have Learning Coaches that support them through the coursework.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is a full, free online curriculum for parents. The sidebar has each year and subject broken down so that you can review it before making a decision.

Global Village School provides at K-12 curriculum for homeschooling. Parents can download samples of their curriculum from the website and can ask for customizations. GVS touts a progressive theme and international application.

The International Virtual Learning Academy is an accredited online school for K-12 as well as adult learning. The school provides an array of curricula both secular and religious based in addition to exam prep (ACT, SAT, etc.).

The Keystone School is an accredited, online private school for grades K-12. Students use a flexible, self-paced curriculum and have access to instructional staff as needed.

Laurel Springs School is a private accredited online K-12 academy that also provides summer programs, individual courses, and a gifted & talented academy.

NFC Academy is an accredited online school for K-12. Its K-2 program is print-based, but 3-12 is available online. There is also a college prepatory aspect to this program.

Oak Meadow Independent Learning is an accredited online academy for K-12 with a progressive, nature-based approach. Parents may purchase the curriculum and implement it themselves or enroll their child(ren) online.

Time4Learning is a PreK-12 curriculum provider that supports parents who choose to homeschool. Because it is not a school, it cannot be accredited, so parents should consult their state’s requirements for graduation and other policies.

Timberdoodle provides all-in-one curriculum kits by grade level, as well as several other resources for purchase. The traditional kits have a Christian-based approach, but there are secular kits available without creationism and other Christian concepts included.

Classroom Resources & Enrichment Activities

Common Lit is a collection of poems, short stories, articles, and other reading material for literature classrooms.

IXL offers grade-level math, science, language arts, and social studies activities online for students to use as supplement work in the home.

Previously known as Common Core, Inc., Great Minds provides current research, policies, as well as  curriculum for educators who utilize the Common Core Standards in their classrooms.

Khan Academy provides online lessons and activities for enrichment for all grades (K-12) and most content areas.

Newsela is a web app that provides a wide selection of nonfiction texts and current events for school-age students. The site allows you to select different reading levels for the same articles, complete quizzes, practice writing prompts, and other skills. It’s fabulous for teachers, parents, and students.

RWT provides an extensive collection of lesson plans, activities, printables, and more for classroom teachers.

Shmoop is a digital publishing company that creates educational content with student voice in mind. The website, humorous by design, is a valuable resource for teachers and students because it houses study guides, lesson plans, full courses, and so much more!

TPT is a site that allows fellow educators to support one another through low price lesson plans, books, and other resources for nearly every discipline.

Scholastic is one of the most notable educational resources available for educators, parents, and students. It offers numerous magazines, thousands of books, and other tools for supporting student engagement.

Edutopia is an online community dedicated to supporting educators, parents, and students in the push for utilizing what works in K-12 education. Visit the site to explore videos, articles, forums, lesson plans, and much more.

BrainPop is an online instructional support program that engages students in learning through animation, online quizzing, and other interactive tools.

TeacherTube is an online community in which users post and share instructional videos. Can’t think of how to teach a particular concept? Head over to TeacherTube and see if someone else has already posted videos and demonstrations.

Dreambox is an adaptive technology math program for K-8 students that provides individualized instructional support and interventions. As the students submit answers, the software provides immediate feedback and responses. The program is aligned to various state or regional standards including the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills and Common Core.

Free Rice is a nonprofit educational website run by the United Nations World Food Programme in which it provides free educational resources to users around the world while also contributing free food to developing countries. The vocabulary practice is great for building students’ lexicons while also teaching them to give back to the world.

Scootpad is an adaptive technology program designed to provide personalized instruction to students based on their skills and needs. Using diagnostic tests, the software scaffolds concepts and monitors students’ proficiency. The program covers K-8 math, English language arts, spelling, reading, and writing.

EDpuzzle is a free video lesson resource that allows teachers to search thousands of videos or add URLs to create personalized lessons for classes. Users can embed questions, add voiceover, and make changes to the videos to best fit their students’ needs.

SuperSummary offers a teacher resource guide by subject as well as a large number of study guides for novels.

EdTech Tools is a free (or paid subscription) online tool that allows users to create their own infographics.

Kahoot is free clicker technology. Using any device connected to the internet, users can play games and compete for points with classmates or people around the world. Topics for games are endless.

Glogster is a multimedia poster maker. Users can integrate video and audio recordings into their posters for added uniqueness.

Google Apps is a collection of tools supported by Educators can use the cloud storage (Google Drive), Google Docs, Google Forms, etc. and the many others to create interactive classrooms with more online learning concepts.

PowToon is a web-based app that allows users to create animated videos and presentations. The colorful graphics and engaging platform are fun to use.

Voki is an edtech tool that students and educators can use to enhance presentations and lessons. The app allows users to select a unique, talking avatar to deliver content and messages to whomever the user wants to hear.

Smore is an online digital flyer creation app. Anyone can use many of the features at no cost to create beautiful, progressive flyers for events or presentations. The sky’s really the limit. For an additional fee, there are more options available to you.

Jing is a free screencasting software that allows users to create audio/visual recordings. Users are able to add basic effects to their recordings and can save online or download hard files.

Canva offers an extensive collection of infographic templates for digital posters, invitations, and other marketing tools.

Professional Organizations

ILA focuses on tackling the world’s illiteracy rates through grassroots programs, professional development, and other resources.

NCTE serves millions of English educators around the world through professional development, peer-reviewed journals, and other resources.

The Department of Education houses all federal policies and statistics associated with education in America.

NSBE is one of the largest student-led nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and has a mission dedicated to supporting the development and progress of Black engineers and students. Its junior program, NSBE Jr., provides 3-12 students with opportunities to study STEM and network with Black professionals.

iNACOL is the leading organization dedicated to K-12 students’ online learning experiences and opportunities. The organization works to support educators as they transform the educational environment with technology.

NCTM is the world’s largest organization dedicated to mathematics education. The organization supports teachers and works to ensure that students have high quality standards and instruction in mathematics.

NSTA supports science educators and works to inspire cutting-edge instructional practices that excite students and entice them to drill more deeply into scientific processes and concepts.

NCSS provides professional development, annual conferences, and other resources to social studies educators from elementary through higher education.

ISTE is an international organization dedicated to enhancing technology in education. Through adopted standards, professional development, and other resources, ISTE contributes invaluable information to K-12 education.