Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Scholars in Action blog/website. While I am not a serial blogger, I do come across topics every so often that pique my interest and/or ones about which I have very strong opinions.  When those arise, I will likely publish a blog post about it.

For the most part, I envision that this space will serve as a valuable resource for educators, particularly teachers currently in the classroom.  I know there are thousands of education blogs active on the web, but I want this to be one that provides support and resources for those of you who want to explore how to collect and utilize student feedback/opinion in your classroom.

We’re all aware of the current trends in education and the countless buzz words, but student feedback should not be one of those.  Instead, student opinion should be an integral part of the classroom experience and should influence curriculum development.  The research says that shared decision making creates the optimal situation for sustained change and achievement, but too many schools overlook the role students have in their own learning.  Even if our experiences as educators prove our worth as decision makers, we cannot downplay students’ intellectual capacity to participate and take an active role in their own educational experience.  If we truly believe in the Constructivist Learning Theory, then our curriculum development processes should reflect that.  Active learning must extend to the planning process if we want the implementation to reach exemplary levels.

And so, this blog is one of my contributions to the advancement of educational revolution and student voice.  Join me.