I originally published this article on Alamo City Moms Blog, where I am a monthly contributor, but I have provided an excerpt below. “Parenting with Intention.” Chawanna Chambers, Alamo City Moms Blog, September 9, 2018.

Sometimes the weight of my children’s future paralyzes me. Hundreds of questions swirl around in my head making it difficult to remain calm:

Who will they become? Will they thrive without us around? How do I make sure they’re both good human beings? Have I missed any signs of hidden trauma?

Soon, the questions shift onto a different but equally important worry: Am I being overbearing? Am I “overparenting”? Will my hopes and expectations overwhelm them? Are we giving them the space to just be kids? Is life fun enough?

When I chose to become a mother, I considered what that meant with more intention and conviction than I had thought of anything before. I believed (and still do) that while there would definitely be unplanned experiences in parenthood, it would serve my children well if I had some basic tenets by which to parent. Read more at Alamo City Moms Blog…