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Needed: More Critical Readers & Thinkers

If there’s anything that my engagement on social media has shown me, it’s the vastness of adult Americans who lack critical reading and thinking abilities. Initially, I wanted to believe that these individuals represented a small number of the population but after a...
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Free & Easy Online Tech for Assessing Your Student’s Mastery

Essays. Quizzes. Reports. Q/As. Tests. Let’s face it. As teachers, we get tired of grading the same types of work. As parents, we get tired of reviewing the same types of activities. As students, we get tired of showing our understanding...
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Basic: The US Standard

The Reading: “Data: Student Achievement in the Era of Accountability” published by Education Week on December 30, 2015 Nearly 15 years after the inception of President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, America’s 21st century reauthorization of President Johnson’s Elementary...
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