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Grades in Schools: 2 Reasons to Walk Away

Grades are the core of traditional American education. Many tasks that students, teachers, and administrators complete have something to do with earning, assigning, or monitoring grades. Report cards, progress reports, grade point averages, high school rankings, mandatory tutoring, parent conferences, and...
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Needed: More Critical Readers & Thinkers

If there’s anything that my engagement on social media has shown me, it’s the vastness of adult Americans who lack critical reading and thinking abilities. Initially, I wanted to believe that these individuals represented a small number of the population but after a...
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Free & Easy Online Tech for Assessing Your Student’s Mastery

Essays. Quizzes. Reports. Q/As. Tests. Let’s face it. As teachers, we get tired of grading the same types of work. As parents, we get tired of reviewing the same types of activities. As students, we get tired of showing our understanding...
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Designing Your Student’s Curriculum

You’re responsible for teaching your student or child a particular concept, but you’re finding that the curriculum (workbooks, internet resources, district-provided tools, etc.) isn’t meeting the needs completely. What do you do? Creating curriculum can be very stressful, especially if you...
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Problem-Based Learning and Persuasion

I learned early on in my teaching career to let the kids have the “stage” and play my role as the backstage manager/learning facilitator. But, before that Eureka! moment, I would teach so intensely throughout the day (totally teacher-centered) that...
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